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How To Lose Back Fat Quickly

If your go-to outfits are loose and baggy because you don’t want those bulges and dents on your back from excess fat to show, it’s time to free yourself and lose back fat. Finding the right workout isn’t the solution, but just part of the solution. A workout targeting the muscles of the back will help tone and tighten them, but unwanted layers of fat will hide your progress. To lose back fat, or fat at any location, you have to lose fat all over your body.

Getting rid of fat starts in the kitchen.

To lose fat, you need to build muscle, lose weight, or do both. If you have piles of fat forming on your arms and back, you’re probably out of shape and overweight. It’s normally a combination of both. Since you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, start with a program of healthy eating. Eating healthy is all about making the smartest choices when you’re selecting food. Steer clear of processed food and food with added sugar. Instead, opt for whole foods, particularly colorful fruits and vegetables. Be careful about what you drink. Choose water instead of sugary drinks.

Is it fat or sagging muscles that you see?

While most people see fat, if you were once in shape and aren’t now, you may be looking at sagging muscles. Either way, exercise will help. To lose weight, focus on exercises that burn tons of calories. Cardio is good for that, but so is strength training. You can combine all types of exercise and burn a lot of calories at the same time by doing kettlebell training. Losing weight all over your body is a good start for most people. Core workouts and HIIT—high-intensity interval training—sessions also burn tons of calories.

Focus on back exercises to tone muscles.

While you should be exercising all muscles of the back normally, if you want to lose back fat, you need to work on the upper, mid and lower back muscles. Lifting weights and other strength-building workouts help, and so do core workouts. Exercises that involve pushing and/or pulling are important for strengthening back muscles. Planks, pull-ups, push-ups and seated dips are excellent choices.

  • The Superman is a good exercise for the lower back and abs. You lay on your stomach with your hands outstretched in front and feet slightly apart. Lift both hands and feet off the floor 6 inches and hold.
  • Focus on your posture. Sometimes, poor posture can add to the lumps and rolls, making them more noticeable. Doing exercises for posture also works back muscles.
  • Burn more calories and get more from your time working out with circuit training. Create a circuit training workout that combines several back exercises into one circuit. Do a circuit, rest and repeat.
  • Air boxing can help tone back muscles, but if you want the fastest results, go for exercises that use weights or resistance, such as resistance bands. Adding weight will sculpt the muscles faster.

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