About Us.

Cultivating a culture of wellness through technology

FitForward University™ is an online wellness platform and mobile app that supports and enhances your wellness program. The work to your well-being can be done anytime, anywhere.

TravelTrim™ was founded in 2004 with a mission to keep employers’ most valuable assets – their employees – fit, healthy and happy. We believe when organizations invest in their employees’ well-being, it benefits everyone.

We’ve put together a passionate team of certified trainers, instructors, dieticians and clinical advisory board members to assist those who participate in the wellness program and use the FitFoward University™ platform to reach their well-being goals. Together, we can spur a change in mindset, and ultimately, action, when it comes to the way we consider our health and wellness in the workplace.

Our Values

  • We are individually-focused and business results-oriented
  • We practice what we advise
  • We celebrate wins
  • We provide respectful, compassionate, and judgment-free services
  • We provide expert advice
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement
  • We strive to provide the human-touch in every manner we serve our clients

Lisa Williams

Founder & CEO

Wesley Williams

Lead Exercise Physiologist & Mobility Specialist

Alex Farley

Advisor, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Ashlee Butler

Business Development & Physical Therapist

Bethany Crask

Lead Registered Dietitian

Corporate Wellness For Employers

Invest in your most valuable resources, your employees, and improve your bottom line as a result!