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How Often Should You Go To The Gym As A Beginner?

No matter what the hobby, advocation, or task, people often start with full enthusiasm. Sometimes that enthusiasm dies quickly, sometimes it lasts forever. It’s also true about going to the gym. Many people have lifetime memberships that they’ve only used a few times. There is no right or wrong answer on how often a beginner should go to the gym, as long as the beginner consistently goes a few times a week. The answer lies in the type of workout and the goal of the beginner.

Are you doing strength training?

If you go to the gym and do full-body strength training daily, you’ll be counterproductive. The muscles need from 48 to 72 hours of rest to heal the micro tears caused by strength training. If you don’t give them that time to heal, it can cause you to become sick and lose muscle mass.

Your intensity counts.

If you’re pushing as hard as possible, it reduces the time necessary to get into shape from 150 to 300 minutes to 75 to 150 minutes. That is two to three average gym visits. If you want to include walking, bike riding, swimming, or other moderate exercises for active healing, it’s a good idea. Working out too long every day at high intensity can wear you out and cause issues. It can reduce your immunity, make you exhausted, and cause other health issues. Moderation and consistency are more productive.

If you’re a beginner, starting slower and working up to more time is better.

If you’ve been sedentary, starting a vigorous workout program is a shock to your body. That doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial. If you start slowly, learn the correct form, and gradually push toward peak performance. That makes it more likely that you’ll continue. You won’t have incredibly aching muscles that can put you on the sideline for days. Ease yourself into exercise by walking, riding bikes, or swimming first. Then start at the gym two or three days a week.

  • A personal trainer can help you find the right amount of time to spend and help you with form and the best exercises to meet your goals. It pays to use a trainer for the first few weeks.
  • If you formally workout at a gym two to three days a week, supplement it by finding ways to increase activity. Take the stairs. Park further from the door and walk to the store. Ride a bike to work.
  • Vary your program. Include cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance exercises. You need all types of fitness to be healthier. Do cardio a minimum of three days a week, but strength training a maximum of two for each muscle group. Do flexibility training daily.
  • Before you start any exercise program, always check with your doctor. The more sedentary or older you are, the more important it is. If you have a health condition, use a trainer to help create a safe plan.

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