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Incorporating Kettlebells Into Your Workout Routine

If you’ve never worked out with kettlebells or don’t know what they are, they look like miniature cannonballs with handles. Unlike dumbbells or barbells that have an even center of gravity, a kettlebell’s center is uneven, making your core work harder for balance. They’re also great for building strength, endurance, and flexibility. Adding kettlebells can improve your efforts to build muscle while making your workout more fun.

A kettlebell swing can work the many muscles at once.

One thing most people love about kettlebells is they can cut workout time if you’re in a rush. That’s because they work multiple muscles. A kettlebell swing can increase flexibility and boost your workout. Start with your feet shoulder-width, the kettlebell between your legs with your hands parallel to the front of your body. Bend over at the hips, keeping your back flat. Pick up the kettlebell with both hands. Start slowly with small swings until you build momentum. Tighten your core muscles and your glutes pushing your hips back as you swing the kettlebell to shoulder height and back down.

Add a kettlebell to increase resistance to traditional exercises.

If you want to make your routine a little harder, you don’t have to swing the kettlebell, just hold it. You can increase the difficulty of a lunge by holding the kettlebell in one hand and keeping your arms to the sides. Bend your knees into a lunge position and you’ll feel the difference. Holding the kettlebell at your chest level and squatting also adds a challenge. You can work your upper body by adding a kettlebell to bent-over rows. Your knees should be shoulder width and your body should be slightly bent. Bend at the hips, holding a kettlebell in both hands. In that position, making sure your back is straight, squeeze your shoulder blades together as you bend your elbows, raising the kettlebell to your chest.

You can warm up with a kettlebell workout and prepare your muscles for more difficult moves.

Kettlebells increase flexibility and boost circulation. They’re perfect for a warm-up routine. Some exercises are better for warming up. Windmills, for example, are exceptional. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Grasp the kettlebell in one hand and raise it above your head with the other arm straight at your side and your feet turned at a 45-degree angle to the kettlebell. Hinge at the hip and slide the back of your hand down the inside of your leg as far as possible.

  • You can replace some of the exercises you presently have in your routine with kettlebells. Using kettlebells for light repetitions and barbells for heavier ones is an option.
  • You’ll improve your range of motion using kettlebells in your workout. They also help improve your speed and power. Kettlebells improve cardiovascular strength and create a different type of training for building muscle.
  • Almost everyone can do kettlebell workouts. The key is having a kettlebell that’s the proper weight. They’re the perfect at-home workout equipment for small spaces, too.
  • Kettlebells can help improve functional fitness. Moving dynamically with an offset weight is the perfect functional fitness workout.

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