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Easy Ways To Get In Your 10K Steps

It’s not always the most pleasant weather in Calgary, Canada, especially during the winter. That shouldn’t stop you from getting exercise and squeezing in those 10K steps. In fact, there are some easy ways to boost the number of steps every day that don’t require going outside, while other simple ways may require time outside and can be used on the more pleasant days. If you make a concerted effort to increase your steps every day, you can boost your count significantly after a while.

Just because you’re walking, it doesn’t mean you’re walking somewhere.

If you’re sitting cozily inside and watching TV or videos, it’s time to get up and move. Seriously, you can walk while the commercial is on or throughout the series you’re binge watching. Use that time wisely to walk in place. You can even get more intricate by turning it into a HIIT workout—-high intensity interval training. Start by running in place for 30 seconds, then slowing it to a recovery pace for the same time and back to running. You can also set an alarm for 55 minutes and take a five-minute walking break.

Start window shopping.

There are covered indoor malls you can use to add to your daily steps. In fact, you can even park further from the entrance to add to your walk. Since malls like the CF Chinook Centre are so large, you can go back several times and not have to pass the same stores multiple times. If you aren’t into window shopping, make your walking more useful and walk to the grocery, if it’s within a reasonable distance. You’ll save gas at the same time.

Get less efficient or clean more.

It’s more efficient to call a coworker whose desk is a two to three minute walk, but if you walk that distance, you’ll be adding four to six minutes of walking each day and may even have better communication. While you’re at work, always use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you’re multiple floors up, start slow and do one flight of stairs with the rest using the elevator. As you become fitter, take more flights of stairs. When at home, tidy up the room more frequently and if you don’t already, vacuum every day or do other physically active tasks more frequently.

  • If you can’t get your 10K steps in all at once, break up your goal into manageable sessions. Walk to lunch if possible. If you have lunch delivered, pick it up yourself or pack a lunch and walk to a park to eat.
  • Walk the kids to school if it’s close enough. You’ll get more time with the kids, know they’re safe at school and get more steps in while you do.
  • Whether you’re at work or have a two-story house with bathrooms on both floors, when nature calls, go to the furthest bathroom. If it’s on another floor, take the stairs.
  • While walking can provide cardio and some lower body strength, you still need other forms of exercise, like overall strength training, balance and flexibility training. Walking more is just an easy way to be more active.

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