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Best Exercises For Reduced Mobility

People that are bedridden for extended periods or in a wheelchair or those with reduced mobility often find it difficult to stay in shape. Most people associate workouts with going to the gym, doing jumping jacks, running or other physical activities that are impossible for these people. There are exercises that build on your present physical condition, whether it’s getting on an exercise bicycle set at the lowest tension for those who had months of bed rest or doing upper body exercises from a chair.

If you’re laying in bed all day, you don’t have to wait for muscles to atrophy.

One word of caution, always check with your health care professional first to make sure that the exercise you’re about to do is appropriate and safe for your present state of health. Don’t try to do a complete half hour session but start slowly and divide the workout into several sessions throughout the day. Exercises can include strength training, flexibility training and endurance. Do exercises that boost circulation, like making arm circles in the air or moving your legs up and down as though you’re marching while laying on your back.

Other exercises that are good for those confined to bed.

Just lifting your arms and legs can be quite a chore and both are considered exercise for the bedridden. Some exercises can be done with the aid of a family member or caregiver. They build strength and flex the muscles. Focusing on pushing your hand or foot into the hand of a caregiver who is providing resistance is tough but can build strength. Stretching all muscles on the body while laying in bed can provide pain relief, while maintaining flexibility. Even doing sit-ups or mini leg lifts can be a workout.

An upper body workout can be done from a chair.

If you have resistance bands, they’re perfect if you’re wheelchair bound. You can do almost all types of upper body strength building exercises and even several flexibility exercises using the bands. Exercising not only can prevent future muscle loss, but it can also build muscle tissue and improve the quality of life. You can even use resistance bands to exercise lower extremities by holding one end in your hand and looping the other end around one or both feet.

  • Have you ever heard of chair dancing? Turn on the music and move your body to the beat. You don’t have to look graceful, just have fun. If the music is fast, it can also be a good aerobic workout.
  • Exercising in water is one of the best ways to build the body without adding undo pressure. The buoyancy of your body in the water will help offset the effect of gravity and the resistance of the water will build strength faster.
  • Try isometrics. One of the key benefits of isometrics is that not only do they strengthen muscles, but they also make you more aware of each individual muscle group. A simple way to start is by tightening and relaxing different muscle groups.
  • If moving is too difficult, visualize yourself moving. Studies and anecdotal stories have shown that visualizing movements can help strengthen muscles. Just don’t give up. Keep moving, even if it’s just mentally.

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