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Corporate Wellness

Walking Vs Running

Some people are running snobs, firmly believing that walking has no place in fitness. Others have no desire to run and find they enjoy the relaxing walk. The most important fact to remember is that both are good cardio workouts. If you aren’t into running or simply can’t run due to health issues, walking is a good choice. If you prefer getting your workout finished faster, burn more calories and love challenging yourself, by all means, run. One is not better than the other is. They’re both healthy cardio workouts.

You might not be gasping for breath when you walk, but still reap benefits.

Both walking and running help you build your strength and stamina, but walking does it more gently, so it’s often a choice for seniors or people who are out of weight. Both are weight bearing exercises, which helps prevent osteoporosis. Both increase your endurance, boost your immune system and strengthen your heart. Both also boost the number of calories you burn, so both help with weight loss. No matter what cardiovascular exercise, it can help lengthen your life and improve your mood.

If you want to lose weight, put a little more effort into your walk or run.

Running burns twice as many calories as walking. If weight loss is your goal, a half hour of running gives you twice the benefit. If someone weighs 160 pounds and runs at a pace of 5 mph, you’ll burn approximately 600 calories. If that same person walked at a pace of approximately 3.5 mph, they’d burn about half that much.

There are more risks to running than there are for walking.

Running is a high impact exercise, while walking is low impact. High impact is harder on your lower body. It can lead to shin splints, stress fractures and ITB friction syndrome—the most common knee syndrome. It’s far higher for runners with approximately 20 to 70 percent chance, than walkers whose chance is only about 1 to 5 percent.

  • Varying your pace whether walking or running, can turn it into an HIIT workout that helps you get into shape faster. Walk or run at peak speed for a minute or two, then change to a recovery pace for the same amount of time or longer. Then repeat.
  • For people who choose to walk, weather conditions don’t have to put a kibosh on your exercise plans. You can walk inside a mall or other large area. Inside public places that aren’t gyms aren’t available for most runners.
  • You can break up your exercise routine into sessions throughout the day and don’t have to put in a full 30 minutes straight. It’s especially good for walkers, who can do three ten minute sessions throughout the day.
  • If you’re walking, push yourself a bit and try to walk a little faster each time. Studies show that people who walk faster live longer. Also, the longer your stride, the longer you live.

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