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Reasons You Should Avoid Drinking Too Much Lemon Water

It seems like lemon water is at the top of the list of every fad diet and weight loss program. It can help you lose weight, but it’s not because of magical properties, but often drinking the extra water that fills you up, not out! It can be an excellent substitute for soft drinks that add pounds. It’s the water that helps, while the lemon adds a little flavor. It also can upset your stomach so you don’t want to eat, which does help you lose weight, but not in the most ideal way.

Lemon water is acidic.

Not only will the lemon water assault your stomach if you drink too much, but it also wages a full-blown attack on the tooth enamel. The enamel etches under acidic conditions, which causes them to darken. If you have any cavities, it can trigger pain. Even a receding gumline that can trigger pain when you drink hot or cold liquids can react to the acid in the lemon water.

Acid reflux may give you a visit and linger when you consume too much lemon water.

Not all people are alike and their reaction to certain foods or substances vary. For some, drinking lemon water can actually provide relief from stomach issues, but for others it can be a painful experience, especially if you drink a lot. It’s acidic and consuming too much acidic food or drink can lead to issues, such as acid reflux that leads to heartburn, nausea and vomiting. It can create a number of problems if the acid splashes too high, such as sinus infections, chest pain and congestion.

You may be sensitive to citrus.

Several studies show a link to citrus and migraine headaches. While the studies vary in results, everyone is different and certain types of foods affect them differently. If you suffer from migraines, keep a log of the foods you eat. If lemon juice, lemon water or other citrus is consistently on the list before a migraine, remove citrus from your diet for a while and see if it makes a difference. It could be several types of food. If you think that’s the problem, talk with your doctor about an elimination diet.

  • Do you have mouth ulcers? Then you’ll be made even more aware of them if you drink lemon juice. They can cause ulcers to burn and aggravate them.
  • If you avoid drinking water, but find you enjoy it when it contains a slice of lemon or a bit of lemon juice, don’t eliminate it from your diet. Drinking more water is extremely important.
  • Studies find that the best way to drink lemon water is to drink it using warm water to get some of the nutrients of the lemon. Drink it through a straw or follow it by drinking regular water to protect your tooth enamel.
  • Whether you’re drinking lemon water or eating other acidic foods or sugary foods that increase oral acid, don’t run and brush your teeth immediately, but wait an hour. The acid softens the enamel and it brushes away too easily, but saliva will harden it again after an hour.

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