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Have You Tried TikTok Profee?

What is a TikTok Profee? It’s a drink made famous on TikToc that combines iced coffee and a protein shake. Most recipes start with a few shots of expresso, ice and the premade protein shake, but the recipes can vary. It’s a trend that’s become quite popular for people who involved with fitness, since both caffeine and protein taken before a workout can boost the effectiveness of the workout. Some of the videos start with a regular cup of coffee or a Starbucks espresso, then they just add ice and the protein shake.

What are the benefits claimed on TikTok?

Besides boosting your workout effectiveness, it’s also praised for weight loss benefits. Some say it’s a good alternative to traditionally flavored Starbucks coffees. If you normally have a protein drink in the morning, it breaks the monotony. It’s also a good way to get additional protein in for the day if you require it. Studies show that if you eat a source of protein within two hours of a vigorous workout session, it can help boost muscle repair.

Should a profee be in your future?

Are you really active or really old and have difficulty processing protein? Both groups of people might benefit from a profee. The more active you are, the more protein you need. The same is true for seniors, when processing protein isn’t as efficient as it once was. Men also need more protein than women. The average adult male needs 56 grams a day, while the average woman needs about 46 grams. That requirement varies and often comes from differences in weight. Most protein drinks have between ten and 30 grams of protein, meeting most of the needs of the person for the day.

Are there dangers to drinking Profees?

For every benefit, there’s always a drawback when it comes to some types of food or drink. So what are the dangers of profees? The average American normally doesn’t need extra protein. We’re a nation where lack of protein isn’t normally a problem. While some people praise the addition of protein shakes, saying they’re better than sweeteners and cream, many of the protein shakes have sugar and additives, too. Some sweeteners contain as much as five teaspoons of added sugar for every scoop. That tacks on a lot of sugar and calories.

  • Excess protein can lead to elevated blood pressure, arrhythmias and increase the risk of dehydration. Abusing or overuse of profees can cause medical issues, especially when combined with caffeine.
  • Always read the label of your protein powder to make sure it’s just protein powder and not highly sweetened or containing artificial ingredients. Choose a protein powder that is free of artificial preservatives, corn syrup, carrageenan and ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • A protein shake or profee can fill you up in the morning, without requiring you eat a whole meal. It may be beneficial for those who just grab a cup of coffee.
  • Drinking a profee after a workout may also be beneficial as a post workout snack. It can provide the protein needed to stimulate protein synthesis in the muscles and start the muscle repair process.

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