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Is It Time For A Digital Detox?

What is a digital detox? Simply put, it’s getting off the phone or computer for an extended period or reducing the amount of time spent in front of a TV or computer screen to enjoy the world around you. There are many reasons to do that, which include the potential health issues that overuse can bring, such as headaches and problems with your vision. However, the biggest reason is often to get back to humanity and enjoying life again.

You know you need a digital detox if you’re constantly playing on your phone.

Everyone has experienced it one time or another or done it themselves. You’re out with a group at a long needed get-together and someone doesn’t join the conversation, but instead plays incessantly on the phone. Maybe they’re not playing, but checking their phone every few minutes, almost afraid they’ll miss out on something important, rather than focusing on the moment and the opportunity to catch up in person with friends. It’s time to break free and enjoy real life again.

Does social media get you down or are you obsessed with remarks from strangers?

Social media can be toxic. Whether it’s the snide remarks, often made by strangers whose opinions shouldn’t count in your life, or the feeling that you’re being left out of the activities or have a life that’s not as worthy as others, it’s toxic and time to disconnect. You might not need a complete detox in this case, just shut down or log out of social media. Turn off notification, too. If you want, make a notice that you’re taking a break, so others won’t think you’re avoiding them or that something is wrong.

Set limits for yourself and be realistic.

Your technological devices are supposed to work for you, not be addictions. Make that happen. You can completely separate yourself from your technology or do a partial separation. Many people require their phone or computer for work, school or emergencies. Just set a time to go tech free, whether it’s an hour or longer. You can even schedule turn on times, to make sure there are no emergencies. Maybe it’s not the phone that’s the problem, but the apps, like social media. You can leave the phone on, but simply don’t use it unless someone calls you.

  • If you’re out to dinner with others, or just enjoying family or friends, be polite. There’s nothing ruder than ignoring the people with you to talk on the phone. Let the caller go to voicemail and return their call later.
  • Stash your phone in the early evening and don’t continuously check it at night, especially before you go to bed. It’s a good habit to put it on the charger when you get home and not touch it until you’re ready to leave the next day.
  • Turn off notifications on your phone. You don’t need to know every time someone posts on Pinterest or Twitter. Even news websites can distract you from living in the moment.
  • Get off the small screen and get active. Make your detox work even harder by using part of the time to exercise and get moving. If you’re detoxing slowly, start planning activities for those hours or days you’re off, including household tasks or a new hobby.

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