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New Year – New You

If you’re like most people, you’ve made quite a few promises to yourself to start living healthier, but then life happened and you became distracted. Nothing is as important as your health. If you’re healthy, you have the energy to conquer the challenges life has to offer. It’s time to take the challenge and start the new year by sticking with the promises you made. You’ll find that as you get fitter, you’ll feel more energetic and be a whole new you that looks fabulous and has the energy to conquer other areas of your life.

The world has changed a great deal since early man.

Early man had to hunt for food, not just stop at a prehistoric grocery. Our predecessors walked everywhere and did manual labor to survive. While the labor saving devices have given man time to spend more time creating, they haven’t helped our body. Because life is no longer highly physical, to stay healthy, creating a program of exercise and making an effort to be more active is important. Exercise helps keep joints lubricated, builds muscles and improves circulation. It’s time to change and start working out. The more you work your body, the more energy you have.

The way we work isn’t the only thing that has changed.

Just a little over 100 years ago, most people grew their own food. Having a dessert at dinner that was laden with sugar or a sweet treat midday was saved for “special days” like holidays. People cooked from scratch and didn’t eat highly processed foods. Today, you walk through aisles of highly processed foods and many are high in sugar. They contain chemicals and preservatives, plus tons of empty calories. We’re seeing an epidemic of obesity and many of the obese people are also malnourished. It’s time to make a change and learn to eat healthier for a new, more vital you.

Eating healthy isn’t dieting, but you’ll lose weight.

While it’s hard to do, cutting out sugar and highly processed food should be the first on your list of changes. Instead of going on a diet, simply make smarter choices when you eat. Opt for a second serving of vegetables and make them a rainbow of color. Focus on highly nutritious food. Find ways to save a few calories, while you boost nutrition, such as eating brown or wild rice instead of white rice. You don’t have to give up all the food you love, just eat smaller portions less frequently. When you combine more exercise with healthy eating, you’ll start seeing changes quickly.

  • Getting adequate sleep also plays an important role in the new you. When you lack sleep, your body produces more ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry and less leptin, the one that makes you feel full. That can make weight loss harder.
  • The exercise doesn’t have to be a formal program, although that ensures you’ll get all types of exercise, strength, endurance and flexibility. Increasing exercise can include climbing stairs, walking more and just moving more vigorously when you’re doing something physical.
  • You’ll be surprised how good healthy food tastes. In fact, you can even make healthy desserts, such as a yogurt parfait made with Greek yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, a half a banana and nuts. Layer it to serve and mix it to eat.
  • Add drinking more water to your healthy changes. Hydration can increase your energy and drinking a glass of cold water before a meal can cut your appetite. Substitute water or infused water for soft drinks to save more calories and improve your health.

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