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Ever Thought Of Joining A Running Club?

Anyone who has ever started a program of running and found they simply weren’t motivated enough to continue, joining a running club might be the perfect solution. Solitary training can be boring. It’s also harder to push yourself if the weather is bad, too cold can be as much of a deterrent as too hot. When you’re in a running club, you’ll be meeting with others who also hold you accountable, provide support, give helpful training tips and even become a social outlet.

What does a running club do and how do you find one?

The second question, “how do you find one,” is the easiest to answer. Just check social media by searching “running clubs near me.” You may also google running clubs in your area, since some have their own website or blogs. Running clubs The popularity of running clubs has increased in recent year are basically focused on three areas. Their either primarily used as a social group, focused on training or are a group that uses running to promote social issues and often run fund-raisers throughout the year. Check their mission statement to see if that club fits your needs.

Not only will the mission statement tell you the focus, their activities will as well.

Look at the upcoming events. Does it offer clinics for running or guest speakers that are seasoned runners who offer tips? Is there a gala event on the calendar that’s fund-raiser for an important charity? Are the get-togethers that don’t include running focus on casual get-togethers that are all about getting to know one another, rather than dressing up and selling tickets? Those three activities describe the primary focus of a running club, but it doesn’t mean each one is strictly training, charity or social. A club can be a mix of all three with more focus on one area than another.

What are the benefits to joining or creating your own running club.

As noted earlier, having someone hold you accountable to stick with your regimen of running is one of the best benefits, but there are others. You’ll get motivation in other ways, too. The enthusiasm of the group and friendly competition can also help keep you motivated. It’s also far safer to run in a group than it is on your own. Whether it’s the threat of assault in a less than safe neighborhood or being seen by vehicles, a group of people running is safer.

  • You can also gain a lot of knowledge when you join a running group. It can be anything from training, to where to buy the best running shoes at the cheapest price.
  • The running club should have either people at all levels of running or others who have the same fitness level as you. If the group is beginners and you’re seasoned, you’ll get bored. On the other hand, if the group is too gung-ho and you simply want to burn extra calories, you’ll be turned off immediately.
  • If you’re serious about running and want to compete, joining a running club is perfect. You can find others that want to compete in out-of-the-area races and not only train together, drive to the location together.
  • Some clubs require dues and in today’s economy, that can be a deterrent. If there’s not a club locally that fits your needs, why not start your own? It can be especially important for beginners and provide a great deal of motivation to stick with a program of running, even if there’s just two or three members.

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