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What Does FIT Really Look Like?

Who doesn’t want a body that every notices and looks like something out of a photo shoot? It’s a dream most of us secretly harbor. But is a curvy or buff body really what fit looks like or is it something else? Fit is more than just that sculpted body or model perfect body that makes swimwear look great. It means good health and being able to function in a healthy manner on a day to day basis.

Are your numbers good?

Check your BMI—body mass index. Is it healthy, too fat or too skinny. That’s just a start and it can be deceptive. Is your blood pressure and cholesterol normal and your blood sugar level? Is your workout balanced with the rest of your life and are you getting endurance, flexibility and strength training? You need all three. Do you have endurance and can run up stairs without stopping midway? Do you eat healthy? If you’ve cut out processed food, white flour and added sugar, you’re halfway home to a fit body. It’s hard to eat too many low starch vegetables.

Don’t focus on how thin you are or how muscular you are.

If you’ve dieted beyond the point of healthy to get that skinny look or spent long hours daily in an almost fanatical workout at the gym, you may not be approaching fit. You definitely aren’t doing your body any favors. Over-exercising and eating too little may allow you to get into a smaller pant size, but at what cost? If you’re almost obsessed about eating and calories or workout to the point that you’re constantly exhausted or have pulled muscles and ligaments from doing too much, you’re harming yourself more than you’re helping yourself.

Being fit is just as much about your mental fitness as your physical fitness.

Fit people enjoy life. They have functional fitness that allows them to do daily tasks without worrying they’ll be injured easily. They enjoy life and live an active lifestyle. Have you ever met someone that was thin, but was constantly dieting and miserable to be with at a dinner, focusing on every calorie they put in their mouth? That’s definitely not healthy. Just because you’re thin, curvy or buff, it doesn’t mean you’re healthy or enjoying life for that matter.

  • Have you ever looked at magazine models and wished you could look like they do? In many cases you can. Just photoshop and air brush one of your pictures, which is how many get that perfect body look.
  • Fit looks different on different bodies. Some people are born with a long naturally slender body, while others have a bigger bone structure. Some people will never look svelte and lean, no matter how much they weigh because of their body types.
  • Studies have been done involving thousands of men. It showed that active people who were considered obese often were fitter than men who weighed less but were less active.
  • Do you take the extra steps by parking further from the store or take the stairs instead of the elevator? Fit people look for opportunities to increase their daily steps and get extra exercise from daily living. They enjoy life, play with their kids, go for long walks and go dancing with friends.

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