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Staying Hydrated As It Gets Warmer

Hot weather may cause you to drink more water, but it can be tricky, too. Sometimes, that hot weather comes with a breeze that helps evaporate the fluid you lost through perspiration. That makes you feel cool and you don’t notice how much you’ve sweat. That’s why it’s so important to drink more fluid, particularly water, in the summer. Staying hydrated is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your overall health.

You can boost your weight loss by focusing on drinking more water.

Lack of fluid can slow you down. Leaving you feeling too exhausted to do much of anything, including exercise. You’ll burn fewer calories. You also may eat more when you’re thirsty than you otherwise might if you’re well hydrated. People often mistake thirst for hunger. You may have done it yourself. You eat until you finally find something that satisfies you. It might be something juicy like fruit or higher in calories like a slushy. Either way, you probably could have saved tons of calories by simply drinking water.

Are you retaining water?

Drink more water if you are. It sounds counterproductive, but it’s not. Water is necessary to convert fat to energy. If there’s not enough fluid in your body, your liver has to work harder and take over some of the tasks of the kidneys, who sends the fluid to the liver when it’s too concentrated. That means the liver is busy doing the kidney’s job and not converting fat. The body also retains water, as the dehydration, even if it’s mild, signals the body there may not be more available. Just as starvation slows metabolism, dehydration slows the removal of fluids, retaining it for important functions that will keep you alive if it continues. That causes bloating and swelling of legs and other body parts.

Feel better and think faster with extra hydration.

Water can be the “quicker-picker-upper.” If you’re tired, don’t run for coffee, grab a tall glass of cold water. Water also helps the joints by lubricating them and relieving joint pain.

If you don’t feel like drinking water, get an app for your phone to remind you to do it. The more water you drink, the more you’ll feel thirsty. If you don’t like water, try making flavored water. It’s delicious. Drinking more water can improve your skin and make you look younger by keeping you hydrated. Water helps the brain communicate with the body and even mild dehydration can cause mood changes and headaches, plus affect your memory.

  • Studies show that drinking eight ounces of water before a meal can curb your appetite so you eat less. If the water is icy cold, you’ll burn extra calories to warm it back to normal.
  • Studies show that seniors tend to dehydrate quicker than people younger do. Even mild dehydration can have the same symptoms of dementia and senility. The older you are, the more often you need to hydrate.
  • People who drink too much alcohol often have a headache the next day. That’s because alcohol dehydrates the body. If you are going to drink, sip on a glass of water between drinks to avoid a hangover.
  • Hydrate while you’re studying or before a test, because drinking adequate fluids can keep you more alert and boost your memory. It also can boost your athletic performance and improve your workout. Studies show dehydration can decrease performance.

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