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When To Consult A Registered Dietitian

Should you consult a registered dietitian? You don’t have to have a special condition to see one. If you want to lose weight or just eat healthier, but aren’t sure where to start, help from a nutritionist can be important. Anyone that has food intolerance or allergies might want to stop at a nutritionist to help with a diet that eliminates those foods. If you’re hoping to switch primarily to vegetables, but want to make sure you have adequate protein, a nutritionist can help.

People with eating disorders can benefit from the help of a nutritionist.

Besides seeking the help of other professionals, ensuring that your diet has all the nutrients necessary is important for those recovering from binge eating and other eating disorders. There are schools of thought that believe that a lack of balance in the diet can add to the problem. If you eat meals high in carbs, but includes no protein or fat, you’re bound to be starved before the next meal and binge. Getting back to good health after other eating disorders can also be helped with the use of a nutritionist.

People who work odd hours or work the night shift should consider help.

If your hours are constantly changing at work or you’ve landed a graveyard shift, you are at a higher risk of medical issues, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. You’re also at a higher risk of obesity. While you might not be able to straighten out your circadian rhythm, you can get nutritional help to address all the potential problems you face and learn the best meal choices for those hours you’re awake.

If you’re planning to get pregnant in the near future, learning to eat healthy is important for the baby-to-be.

There are some issues of nutrition that directly affect a fetus and even affect your chances of getting pregnant in the first place. Adequate stores of folate, iron, B12, C, zinc, iodine, D3 and omega-3 fatty acids are important. Ensuring your getting those vitamins, while making sure your body is at its healthiest weight can help you have the best potential pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Continuing with the nutritionist after pregnancy and/or delivery, can help you be your healthiest while balancing hormones.

  • Do you have insomnia or a sleep disorder. Lack of certain nutrients or too much of them can create a problem or add to it. Too little tryptophan or magnesium can keep you awake, just as too much sugar or fatty foods can.
  • If you have another birthday coming that puts you into a new decade, maybe changing your diet can help you stay younger longer. Check with a nutritionist, since your needs change as you age.
  • Are you having digestive issues, especially IBS. Lactose, fructose and sucrose are often the villains when it comes to this disease. However, food intolerance can be another issue.
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, talk to your doctor about starting with lifestyle changes and make the first one a visit to a registered dietitian.

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