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Is It Important To Have A Regular Exercising Schedule?

The last few months have been chaotic and keeping consistency in your life is important. That’s one reason a regular exercising schedule can be important, but there are more reasons than that. Besides providing structure, it gives you guidance and a plan to follow you don’t have to think about after a few months, it becomes automatic. It helps develop consistency and a consistent effort is what really gets you into shape.

Sticking with a schedule is important.

Everyone has some type of routine in their life, whether it’s their bathroom schedule where they rise, shower, shave and brush their teeth before venturing out the door or simply flipping on the TV the minute they get home. Those habits don’t require deep thought or inspiration. They’re automatic. That’s what an exercise routine should become. Working out needs to be a habit, so it does become consistent. The only way to do that is to schedule it at the same time each day, every day.

You’ll feel like something is missing from your day if you miss your workout.

The body and brain love consistent patterns. It’s why breaking a habit becomes so difficult. You may not really love that candy bar you buy every day when you stop for gas, but it’s become a habit. Exercise should a habit, too. It’s one reason a program of regular exercise is called a lifestyle change. It changes how you live every day of your life. Just like healthy eating, it’s all a matter of choice and habit.

When you schedule your workout regularly, you’ll be less apt to let other factors get in the way.

There are some things that should take precedent over your workout, but not many. After all, when you workout regularly, you’ll live healthier and longer and have a better shot at independent living as you age and be less dependent on others. Treat your workout as you would a doctors appointment. Even sticking with the same time is important, your workout, however, should vary.

  • Varying your workout, while keeping the same time schedule, can help prevent boredom and prevent weight plateauing that occurs when the body becomes efficient at doing a specific workout.
  • If you want to add more assurance you’ll workout at the same time each day, get a workout buddy to join you in exercise. Knowing you’ll be meeting with someone will hold you accountable.
  • Once your exercise program becomes a habit, you can start on taking the next step, adding a healthy diet. Start slowly by giving up food with added sugar and processed food, then add meal planning and other healthy eating habits.
  • Make sure your workout program is well-balanced and has exercises that focus on all types of fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Find ways to increase your activity every day.

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