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Corporate Wellness

Develop Healthier Habits Now

Getting fit is all about lifestyle changes. If you’re not eating healthy, change that. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, make that change to active. However, it can loop overwhelming if there’s so many things to change. It’s even worse if you have a negative attitude toward fitness. You can start to develop healthier habits by taking small steps, but doing them consistently.

Find one thing to change and stick with it.

Maybe you recognize you’re not eating health enough or aren’t drinking enough water. Is lack of exercise a big problem? Pick one thing to change in every area that needs improvement and work on it. It may be as simple as carrying a bottle of water with you and sipping throughout the day. If you hate water, try infused water with a fruity, yet healthy flavor.

Your change doesn’t have to be anything major. It could be as simple as walking once a day.

Some people love pedometers because they let them know how much they’ve improved. You don’t have to buy one or even start a full-blown exercise program, but you do need to do something to change your sedentary life. If you’re not ready for calisthenics, go for a walk. It can be a half hour, or three ten-minute walks. Put that activity in your schedule and do it the same time every day. If you work at a desk, make sure you get up and walk around at least once an hour. Sitting longer can wipe out exercise benefits.

One simple change to your eating habits isn’t that simple.

If you love your muffin in the morning and look forward to a candy bar mid-afternoon, giving up sugar is going to be hard. Sugar is addictive and in almost everything. Plan ahead. Take fruit to work with you or have it ready. A big slice of apple with peanut butter spread on it is healthy, satisfying and boosts your energy level. Are you a fan of soft drinks? Switch to water. The sugary soft drinks are bad for you, but so are the diet ones. A study showed that diet soft drinks increases visceral fat, also known as belly fat.

  • No matter what change you make, stick with it for at least eight weeks before you add another change. A change becomes a habit in an average of 66 days.
  • Get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep not only affects your health, it can cause weight gain. Set a bed time and a time to get up and stick with it. If you’re getting up earlier than usual, use that time to exercise.
  • Find ways to increase your activity. Take up an active hobby, walk to lunch, use the stairs rather than the elevator and park further from the store. These are ways to increase your daily activity.
  • Just do it! Do something, no matter how small to make your life healthier. Do it consistently. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about consistency. You can track your progress if you’d like to make it more fun.

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