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Exercises For Reduced Mobility

Whether you’ve broken an ankle and temporarily have reduced mobility, or are older with many physical challenges, exercise is still important. Exercising when you have physical limitations may seem like it’s impossible, but it’s not. There are ways to modify every exercise and exercises that you can do laying down in bed. Many painful conditions, such as arthritis and back pain, improve when you workout regularly. It may not involve heavy weights in the gym or rigorous aerobics, but it still improves overall health.

Always talk to your health care professional before you start any program of exercise.

People with health conditions need be more vigilant and cautious when it comes to exercise. Osteoporosis, chest pain, swollen joints, fever, a history of blood clots and other symptoms of illness should be mentioned to your health care professional when discussing your situation. Most doctors encourage exercise for people with limited mobility and often suggest starting with short sessions. You can exercise ten minutes and get benefits, increasing the time as you get stronger or adding one or two more sessions each day until you reach 30 minutes.

You can do exercises sitting down, even if you’re in a wheel chair.

For those who are most frail or chair-bound, doing exercises sitting in a chair can improve flexibility, strength and endurance. They can also help prevent pressure sores that can occur from sitting too long in the same position. The first and the easiest is to work on posture. Lift your arms until they’re at right angles to your body and then bend your arms at the elbow so the forearm is pointing upward. Pull your arms back, stretching and trying to push shoulder blades together. Hold, relax and do again. It helps with posture and that helps with breathing and aids organ function. Use resistance bands affixed to a stationery item to build strength.

Don’t forget the pool.

Water aerobics is one of the best ways to workout if you have joint problems. The water provides resistance, without causing impact on the joints. You’ll feel less pain because of the buoyancy and have 12 times the resistance as you would if you did the movement on dry land. In fact, just walking in water can help build muscle, without causing additional joint pain.

  • Tai Chi is a gentle exercise, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tough. You’ll build strength and endurance, while boosting your mood, improving flexibility and balance. Group tai chi classes are a great way to interact with others.
  • You don’t need expensive equipment to workout. Use water bottles, soup cans and detergent or milk jugs for weights. If you want to get fancier, use resistance bands. They’re inexpensive and store easily.
  • Stretching throughout the day is a good exercise. It can be a stretch that’s specifically an exercise or simply moving your body in a different way and holding that position. For instance, if you can’t move your legs, use your hands to lift it off the chair and pull it to your chest.
  • Isometric exercises are a great way to get muscles stronger. Simply sitting up straight, taking a deep breath and tightening your abdominal muscles hard and holding for a count of ten builds abdominal strength.

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