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Corporate Wellness

It’s Important To Feel Valued And Heard

No matter who you are, it’s important to feel valued and heard. That holds true for every person, regardless of their station in life. If you are an employer or responsible for employees, it’s a lesson that once learned will bring loyalty and productivity into the workplace. Recognizing people for their contribution to the team doesn’t cost money and tells each employee that their valuable. The rate of turnover goes down, while employee satisfaction and productivity increases.

Employees who feel valued know their hard work is noticed.

Openly appreciating your employees also increases communication and reduces anxiety. That makes employees feel more empowered to suggest ideas and information openly that can help build a better product, create a better workforce and offer better customer service. It creates an environment that encourages professional growth and gives them incentive to commit to the long term plan of the company. Those are things that provide a solid base for any business.

Employees that don’t feel appreciated, often under perform.

While not all employees will fail to put out 100% effort if they feel unappreciated, a big segment will, either consciously or subconsciously. When people don’t feel appreciated, their desire to please diminishes greatly, which is what happens to the average employee. It also causes some of your most gifted people to search out employment elsewhere, creating a high turnover rate.

Employees feel appreciated when you value their input.

While giving public compliments is one way to praise employees, it’s not the only way. Listening to their input and encouraging open discussion of new ideas and changes, is probably one of the best ways to make employees feel like an important member of the team. Appreciating the whole group for an idea not only makes employees feel appreciated, it builds teamwork at the same time. Creating a culture of respect and even encouraging thinking outside the box without judgment can boost creativity, teamwork and a sense of investment.

  • Good leaders look for excellence, no matter what level on the corporate culture. Identifying people that look for innovative techniques to make your business better, no matter what level is important. Each person needs a voice
  • Meeting frequently with groups of employees to air situations, get new ideas and discuss innovations that they suggested give them a voice. It both gives a feeling of importance and increases the productivity of the company, while encouraging forward thinking.
  • Demonstrating your faith in employees by giving important challenging tasks and expecting them to do their best finding answers is also a way to show you value their ideas.
  • Giving employees a voice in both their work and the benefits you offer also shows that you want only the best and most satisfying workplace possible.

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