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Corporate Wellness

Health And Wellness In The Workplace

office workout2People are spending less time on physical labor and more time on mental pursuits, which can decrease fitness dramatically. At the same time, no matter how active they are at work, unhealthy eating habits are rampant, causing many illnesses and conditions, including obesity. One of the primary functions of a health and wellness in the workplace is to aid workers with both information, as well as concrete methods to live a healthier lifestyle.

Health and wellness programs provide not only benefits for employees, but employers, too.

Job satisfaction is important to productivity. If you have employees that are discontent, absenteeism and turnover will be greater. Training new employees becomes a high cost to the company. Illness also affects expenses, with higher insurance rates and less productivity. Health and wellness programs can be a way for you to aid improving your employees life, while improving the overall functioning of the business.

Health and wellness programs should be tailor-made.

No two companies or their workforce are exactly alike. That’s why every workforce program should be custom designed for your employees. People with an older population of workers will have different needs from those who have a younger group. Companies with sedentary types of jobs, need more emphasis on somethings, such as more exercise, than companies whose workers are physically active. When you’re adopting a program, talk to your employees and find out what they want. It makes the program more valuable. Design the program to address your most pressing problems.

Take a leadership role in the program.

Change the vending machines to provide healthier options, such as fresh fruit. What employees drink makes a difference in their health, too. Soft drinks are sugary and contribute to bad health. Provide bottled water for employees instead. Serve healthy food at meetings and provide nutritional information, which include menus. Some companies even offer a discount for a visit with a nutritionist or personal trainer.

  • Make getting healthy more fun. Have a healthy brown bag day. Form teams, encouraging everyone brings in a healthy meal. The team that has the most participants or healthiest meals wins a predetermined prize.
  • Don’t forget about taking breaks more frequently. Sitting for longer than 50 minutes without standing and moving, can wipe out many of the benefits of exercise. Encourage shorter, but more frequent breaks.
  • Arrange for onsite group workouts and if possible, have them led by a personal trainer. You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive per employee this type of benefit can be.
  • Don’t forget about providing for good mental health. Mental health affects every area of the employees life and affects productivity and enjoyment at work. Letting people know you care should be top priority.

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