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Fitness For The Idle

lazy idleIf you’re one of those people that think it’s rude to grunt, moan and sweat in the gym or simply don’t like the idea of doing the same boring type of workouts everyday when there’s so much to share on social media, you’ll appreciate these tips to help you achieve fitness. Fitness for the idle isn’t new. People have been hunting for easier ways to look fabulous and feel great without working out for centuries.

Start by working out during a commercial.

Are you a TV watching fanatic or are binge watching your favorite shows? If you have a subscription that has commercials, you’re in luck. There’s no use wasting that time by watching that little clock count down when you can be doing a few exercises. Even if you don’t have commercials, let the intro play every time you watch a new episode and use some of that time to do a few lunges, push ups or planks. Just laying on the couch and stretching your leg straight in the air or doing bicycles as you lay on your back increases your exercise time. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Did you know there are exercises you could be doing while sitting?

Just stand up and you’ll be getting exercise. Going from seated to standing, then back to seated and repeating the process ten times provides good exercise. It makes your butt look better by working the glutes and also works the front of the thighs. Keeping your feet flat on the floor in seated position and with the heels on the floor, pointing your toes toward the ceiling is a good stretch for the calves. Simply pulling your stomach in tight and holding it can strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Lower your blood pressure and build your forearms and grip.

When Dr Ronald Wiley was asked to help the air force prevent loss of consciousness in fighter pilots in the F-16, due to fast acceleration and a G-Force that made it hard for the heart to pump, he developed a hand grip they squeezed. The pilots who did it while flying to maintain consciousness, but something else came from the study. Those who practiced it frequently, raised their blood pressure enough to keep flying, but also lowered their resting blood pressure rates overall after a few weeks. Just squeezing a tennis ball in one hand for 60-90 seconds, then repeat in the other hand. Repeat three times.

  • Doing a plank is easy and you can still watch TV while you do it. Lay on the ground on your stomach with your legs extended. Your forearms should be under your chest. Now lift your body with the weight on your forearms and hold.
  • Isometric exercises, ones that are simply tighten and hold exercises, don’t involve the gym or sweating. While you still need regular exercise, a program of isometrics can be done anywhere and don’t put wear and tear on the joints. It also helps lower blood pressure in the process.
  • While you’re watching TV or at the office, you can do two exercises that will not only help you shape up, but make you feel better. Rolling your head front to back and side to side can help loosen you up and relieve headaches. Lifting one leg as high as you can and pointing your toes is another stretch.
  • Try some ideas to boost your endurance, like parking further from the stores, taking the stairs rather than the elevator and walking to lunch, rather than driving.

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