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Corporate Wellness

Do You Need A Wellness Expert?

meditationYou know the feeling. You aren’t sick, yet you really don’t feel good, either. You feel stressed and basically out of sorts. If you’ve had regular check-ups and there’s nothing wrong, maybe you need a wellness expert. What does a wellness expert do? He or she helps people make lasting changes in their life that improve their health in the future. These positive changes can include everything from eating healthier and exercise to improving their mindset and reducing stress.

It’s not all about medication.

Sometimes, meditation is medication. That’s especially true for stress related illness. Food as Medicine is a new area in medical care. Exercise can boost your energy and improve your health. Taking care of yourself should be a top priority. Everyone is rushed today and often feel uncomfortable focusing on their own needs. In reality, it’s the most important thing anyone can do. If you aren’t functioning at your peak, you’ll accomplish less. People fail to realize that everything done on a daily basis has an effect on health.

A wellness expert can identify areas where change is important.

A wellness expert not only helps identify those areas, but also creates a plan to help you do it. While the focus is always on the person receiving the help, their families and employers benefit, too. Healthy employees are more productive when they’re fit. Parents that are fit have more energy for their children. Best of all, the habits developed with the help of a wellness expert transfer to those children by example.

When you use the services of a wellness expert, the help doesn’t end at a recommendation.

Wellness experts don’t just tell you to quit smoking, they help you get into a smoking cessation program and stay in touch to provide support. They don’t tell you to lose weight, they line you up with nutritional counseling and exercise programs. They help you make the changes that will affect you for years to come by locating the services and resources you need to make those changes easier and more successfully.

  • Is stress tearing you apart? There are several ways to deal with it. A wellness expert can identify many and help you find the one that fits your needs best.
  • Wellness experts are good for both employees and employers. For employers, they help reduce sick days and can lower the cost of health insurance. For employees, they provide a service that makes getting and being healthier easier.
  • Wellness experts often work with physicians to provide more information in the areas that keep you healthier, beyond just traditional medical care.
  • A wellness coach provides information on topics that relate to good health. They help educate clients in ways to live both a healthier lifestyle and a happier one.

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