TravelTrim “LIVE” Fitness Classes

Current Class Schedule

Yoga:  Mondays @ Noon CST
Pilates:  Tuesdays @ 4:30pm CST
Level 1 BootCamp:  Wednesdays @ 7am CST
Boxing/Kickboxing:  Thursdays @ 4:30pm CST
Barre:  Fridays @ Noon CST
StrengthSCULPT:  Saturdays @ 9am CST

Class Sign Up

Free trial for 7 days. Each class is available “on demand”. Cancel anytime within 7 days at no cost.

Class Cancellation  If you are currently subscribed to classes, you may cancel your subscription using the form here.

Class Descriptions

Barre is a total body sculpting workout that is a fusion of yoga, Pilates, strength training and ballet. Classes are low impact, emphasizing the toning of all major muscle groups and are set to fun and motivating music
Equipment: mat, chair, weights 1-5 p

Vinyasa Yoga – Beginner
Flow Yoga synchronizes posture with breathing through fluid motion in and out of various poses. You will develop full awareness of your movement patterns as you flow through different postures. All are encouraged to move at their own pace through this meditation in motion.
Equipment: mat

Strength Training – Sculpt
This class incorporates a wide variety of exercises and equipment to strengthen your muscles, increase muscular endurance, improve shape, and enhance bone strength. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Equipment: mat, loop bands, long bands, sets of dumbbells

Kickboxing is a cardio-intensive class that features both aerobic and anaerobic components to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and balance. Workouts are fast-paced and geared towards keeping you in motion. This is a great addition to any fitness regimen.
Equipment: gloves, wraps, free standing tall bag (no equipment participation also possible – shadow boxing)

Level 1 Bootcamp
 Focuses on functional movements performed in intervals.  These movements are designed to increase strength, balance, coordination and endurance.  If you are new to BootCamp or even to working out, this will be a perfect class for you.  Modifications of all exercises will be show to either increase or decrease intensity of the exercise.  You’ll get your heart rate up, sweat, and be challenged…all while having fun!


Pilates is a form of strength and flexibility training that can be done by individuals at any level of fitness.
Equipment: mat

Class Cancellation  If you are currently subscribed to classes, you may cancel your subscription using the form here.