FitPro Branded Site

Solo Entrepreneur’s Site (One Logo)

One Time Setup Fee – $199

1 – 50 users $99/month

51 -100 users $149/mont

101 – 200 users $197/month

201 and more please contact for pricing

To add your corporate client sites ($5 per person/per month), contact us and we will follow-up with you in the next 24-48 hours.

(email: or 615-293-5457)

FitPro’s Corporate Client Site (Two Logo’s)

One Time Setup Fee – $199

$5/employee/month ($99 minimum)

Terms and Conditions: You will have monthly auto-draft for the amount selected. One (1) year contract auto renewal; unless earlier terminated as provided in the master service agreement.  TT provides free support for first 30 days for no charge, not to exceed 4 hours. Additional hours follow the consulting hourly rate of $100. TT provides Getting started training sessions (online, live; also recorded). FitPro can charge their corporate client(s) any amount they wish (as part of their overall programming contract). FitPro is the contact for their corporate client(s). TravelTrim will provide technical support via email submissions and email responses. TravelTrim will not contact FitPro’s corporate client unless asked to do so by the FitPro.

$199 One Time Set-up Fee

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