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TravelTrim™ was born out of a pursuit to keep employers’ most valuable assets – their employees – fit, healthy and happy. A true pioneer of its time, the corporate wellness company was founded in 2004 to provide on-site well-being services and education for entities to invest in their employees in a new and exciting way. Through the years, TravelTrim™ has expanded to fit a growing range of corporate wellbeing needs, developing its online product, FitForward™ University, as a white label, customizable option for companies of any size, in any market.

Comprehensive Wellness Programs

With wellness at the heart of TravelTrim’s™ story, it was the intersection of health and corporate culture that inspired the company’s creation. The idea is that if you provided busy, overworked professionals with the knowledge and tools to make positive daily choices for their health, they would bring those behaviors home with them to their growing families. This idea initially sparked TravelTrim’s™ Gym-to-Go™, a packable, portable kit with exercise equipment and fitness and nutrition content geared for professionals on-the-go, and subsequently, FitForward™ for Kids, a similar product, filled with kid-friendly nutrition and exercise content, and tools designed to get them outside moving.

Redefining Workplace Wellness One Business at a Time

From its online interface, to an app, to its team of health pros working on the ground, today, TravelTrim’s™ corporate wellbeing programs directly impact employees and their overall wellbeing. The scope of TravelTrim™ has increased, but its goal remains the same – to reach as many modern professionals as possible, at the hands of committed, forward-thinking corporations. Together, we can spur a change in mindset, and ultimately, action, when it comes to the way we consider our health and wellness in the workplace.

A Human Focused
Technology Company

At TravelTrim, it is our mission to help people improve their lives—and the lives of those around them—through the use of secure, modern technology, leading-edge science and innovative design.

Personalized Through mobile apps, our users can complete the program in their office or comfort of their own home at their own pace.
Scalable From a hundred to thousands of employees, FitForward™ University is powered to help you grow and grow with you.
Measurable Our e-Learning modules track individual scores to give you the insights on their progress and accountability.
Convenient Our cloud-based solutions are compatible with nearly all modern devices allowing users to interact when and where they want.

Our Team

Lisa Williams
Founder and CEO

Wesley Williams 
Wellness Coordinator

Heather Harris
RDN and LD

What our clients are saying

  • I enjoyed this program. The daily reminders were great. Like hey…don’t forget to watch what you eat and move. Thanks!”

  • The abs challenge really helped me to be a better person. I work out regularly but never stuck to a consistent diet. The challenge helped me by holding me to check in for accountability.”

  • Don’t ever give up! I didn’t think I was making any progress but I lost 3 inches from my waist! Thanks so much for the challenge!”

  • These challenges are exactly what I need. Without them I wouldn’t workout as much or watch my food intake. Thank you all for checking in with us daily and the exercises and recipes…need more recipes! Can’t wait for the next challenge.”

  • “I learned things I didn’t know, it helped to motivate me to have better eating habits, & I learned how different foods affect my body.”

  • “I found the Veggie Challenge to be a neat change to my normal eating habits. I’ve always enjoyed eating vegetables, but to eat five servings a day while documenting it made it a priority. I believe I will continue eating more veggies than I did before.”

  • “I am often hesitant about challenges because I always figure I won’t stick to it.  The start of this challenge was during a two week vacation for me.  I challenged myself to do the challenge forcing me to eat right on vacation.  In the whole 30 days, I only had one day where I did not eat 5 vegetables but I actually had 4.  I also ate more fruit and it has become my go to snack.  Getting in the 5 servings/day has shown me the effect it can have on my body.  Functions that don’t normally act like everyone else worked amazingly well.  I focused heavily on staying away from all potatoes, except for just a couple of days. The challenge made me focus and challenge myself in more ways, so I think it was very helpful!”

  • “I actually had a good two weeks of getting my veggies in each day and I noticed that my energy levels increased and my body went through a ‘cleaning’. I tried several of the recipes and the ones I like in particular were the sweet potatoes and the spaghetti squash. My family liked these as well. It will be something that my family and I will continue doing. We had the roasted cauliflower last night and it was delicious!”

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